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Tax Planning

Cyprus is one of the most attractive and respectable international financial and business centers and one of the main gateways for investment to and from Eastern Europe. The services sector comprises a variety of economic activities, such as tourism, banking, finance and insurance, legal and business consulting and shipping and ship management. The highly developed and efficient services sector has contributed to the country’s international recognition as an exceptional location for business and entrepreneurial purposes.

Cyprus companies are ideal vehicles for foreign investors (especially for non-EU investors) who wish to expand their business globally. Cyprus has high standards of corporate governance, transparency and integrity. Foreign investors will gain competitive advantage by operating in a European country with such attractive tax regime – corporate income is taxed at the rate of 12,5%, which is one of the lowest in European Union – and the extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties which enables an efficient and effective tax planning for the avoidance of international double taxation.

Our Firm’s members in collaboration with the appropriate accountants and auditors are able to advise international and local clients on all aspects of cross-border investments, offering efficient and effective tax planning and full range of corporate services.

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