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Real Estate and Investments

Third country investors and high-net-worth individuals have shown great interest in buying properties in Cyprus. The strategic and exceptional location of Cyprus, at the crossroads of the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, the excellent value for money properties and the simplified and fast-track procedures of granting the Cyprus citizenship and Immigration Permits to third country investors through the acquisition of properties are factors that render Cyprus an ideal location for relocation and investments.

Political stability, high standard of living as well as high quality of education, advanced telecommunications network and well developed infrastructure are also major factors and benefits that have contributed to making Cyprus a favorable environment for relocation and doing business.Other incentives that attract third country investors are the favourable tax regime of Cyprus (corporate income is taxed at the rate of 12,5%, which is one of the lowest in European Union) and the extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties which enables them to do business globally with an efficient and effective tax planning. Cyprus is a credible jurisdiction, meeting European Union directives and listed on the OECD white list of credible locations. Indeed, this is what truly makes Cyprus an ideal location for registering a company and benefiting from tax efficiency.

Our Firm’s members deal with all matters which are related to immovable properties, including transactions and disputes involving all the types of property and advising on and negotiating the terms of acquisitions, sales, transfers. They have also extensive experience to guide properly the clients according to their own circumstances and provide them with comprehensive advice on estate planning, asset protection, probate and administration matters, wills and trusts formation in order to serve the clients’ needs and wishes and to represent them in probate proceedings before the Courts.

Our Firm’s members represent and advise both individual and corporate clients in this field of law and they have extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating of all types of related agreements (contracts of sale, land agreements, construction agreements, lease and rental agreements)
  • Providing advice on the acquisition of properties in Cyprus by third country investors in order to obtain Cyprus passport or permanent residence permit of Cyprus.
  • Submission of applications on behalf of the clients for obtaining Cyprus passport or permanent residence permit of Cyprus.
  • Estate planning and administration
  • Wills and probate


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