3 N. I. Nicolaides Street, Savva Plaza Court, Third Floor, Paphos, Cyprus


An ultimate life insurance

  1. Safety and Quality of life. Moving with your family in a safe and secure place with political stability, high standard of living, high quality of education, advanced telecommunications network and well developed infrastructure.
  2. Plan B. You have a Plan B for you and your family in cases of unexpected and undesirable events(political instability, terror attacks, financial crisis) that involve your country.
  3. More Visa-Free Travel. The Cyprus passport enables you to travel to more than 140 countries without a visa.
  4. European citizen. As a European citizen you have the right to live, work and move freely to any EU member country and enjoy the advantages and benefits that EU can offer.
  5. Tax Benefits. A dual citizenship enables an efficient and effective tax planning.